Rental Scuba equipment is available to certified divers only.

Please be certain to bring your certification card to the British Virgin Islands with you. Snorkeling gear is also available for rent or purchase.

Rental Equipment
Equipment Daily Weekly
Mask/Snorkel/Fins/Package $7 $35
Scuba Tank $8 $40
Regulator, Octopus & Depth Gauge $11 $55
Weight Belt $0.50 $4
Weights (per pound) $0.10 $0.70
Buoyancy Compensator $9 $45
Wet Suit Jacket $5 $25
Air Refils - BWD Rental Tank (per refil) $8 -
Air Refils - Outside Tank (per refil)    

Rental Equipment Information

For our BCDs we ask that you please provide us with your t-shirt size. To determine best fit, please let us know what size you would wear in a tight fitting men’s t-shirt (for both men and women).

In order to rent SCUBA equipment, we will need to see certification details for each person using the equipment. If you have lost your card, please contact us before we deliver the gear to you so that we can check certification details with the relevant dive agency.

If its been a few years since your last dive, please consider joining us for a two tank dive or refresher course to ensure your diving skills are fresh in your mind.

* We will deliver the gear to you at:

  • BVI Yacht Charters
  • The Moorings
  • Sun Sail
  • Conch Charters
  • Voyage Charters
  • TMM
  • Marine Max
  • Horizon Yacht Charters (you’re next to us)
  • Virgin Motor Yachts (you’re next to us)
  • Waypoints
  • Navigare
  • Voyage Yacht Charters

Cancellation Policy

All advanced booking require a credit card deposit.We accept Visa, MC, American Express.

Cancellations 24 hours or more prior to the dive tour will incur NO CHARGE.
Cancellations with less than 24 hours notification will incur a $90 per diver charge.
Cancellations on the day of the tour or without notification will incur the full amount of the booking being charged.