Blue Water Divers Scuba News

New Dive Boat

The new dive boat is a Kat 3500 made by GNAUTIC in the Dominican Republic and is a brand new custom built 35ft dive boat with twin Suzuki 250 outboard engines.its fast and stable and makes the perfect dive boat.

Blue Water Divers Recognition

Blue Water Divers recently was awarded the Honorary Life Membership of Virgin Islands Search and Rescue in recognition of Outstanding Generosity and Support.


Blue Water Divers receives the Small Business Hospitality of the Year Award from the British Virgin Iislands Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association!


Blue Water Divers this Sunday gave high school student from local schools a Discover Scuba Course to encourage the youth of the BVI to participate in environmental and conservation program's.


Blue Water Divers recently had the pleasure of Jean-Michael Cousteau diving with them. He was conducting a Marine Environmental class at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College. Six to eight students along with staff members from the college were taken out on the dive boat "Cat Blue". Accompanying them were Blue Water Divers instructors Chrissy and Neil. They dived The Indians, Rainbow Canyons and Angelfish Reef on the 19th, 21st and the 23rd of July, 2004. Jean-Michel recently became the official spokesman for the Britsh Virgin Islands.


The BVI Watersports Centre and Blue Water Divers teamed up to give Pre-Vocational Studies students a taste of yet another special skill, continuing their development as experienced, marine-orientated, young men.


Vinny Smith, Lydell Todman and Macarthur MacKie have already built up skills and qualifications in both sailing and power boat handling at the Royal BVI Yacht Club’s Watersports Centre and continued their training by taking part in a Scuba, ‘Resort course’ with Blue Water Divers. Along with other students from the Pre-Vocational unit at the BVI High School, these particular teenagers have shown enthusiasm and talent throughout the past 4 years and so qualified for the opportunity to try this new and valuable skill – Scuba diving.


The instructors at Blue Water Divers were delighted with their response both above and below the waterline. Their behaviour was impeccable and they proved to be a credit to their school and themselves as they interacted with crew and fellow dive guests aboard ‘Cat Blue’. The resort course is designed as an introductory look at the underwater world of Scuba and students are practicing basic skills within minutes with their instructor to allow them to go on to a shallow water dive.


Vinny (Guppy), Macarthur (Shivers) and Lydell (Bubbles) acquired their new nicknames whilst taking their first breaths under the Caribbean Sea off Cooper Island’s beach supported by the staff of both Blue Water Divers and the BVI Watersports Centre.


Next, on to Ginger Island where they jumped off the back of the dive boat kitted up in full Scuba gear ready to explore the beauty of the reef life of ‘Ginger Patches’. Vinny’s knowledge of fishing served him well when he spotted and indicated to the rest of the group a fine specimen of Tiger Grouper. Lydell is destined to be the first BVI underwater ‘Rap artist’ which may explain the bubbles! Macarthur had opted to wear the protective wetsuit provided by Blue Water Divers; his shivering is thought to have been from excitement rather than the cooling effects of the sea. At the end of the day they were heard deep in discussion with the dive instructors on the importance of preserving BVI reefs and the marine life which they support and how they may continue with further training for safe Scuba diving. All 3 boys are now eager to complete the full PADI Open Water certification with Blue Water Divers as anticipated in the near future.


The BVI Watersports Centre continues to teach many more local teenagers, helping to develop skills that may provide them with careers in the BVI Marine industry, or enhance their pursuit of the aquatic leisure activities for which the Territory is so famous.